Features (not implemented yet!):
Caesar, monoalphabetic and polyalphabetic substitution
Code Analyzer and Decryption Wizard
Event Editor for multiple encryptions

Technical details:
Characters range from [0-9], [A-Za-z] to Unicode
Char balancing is allowed to harden cracking

Welcome to the KWoodhammer Environment!

KWoodhammer 2.0 supersedes the previous version with a big variety of tools and algorithms. It is intended to be the all-in-one shell for all kinds of data encryption, ranging from mails and simple text files to whole archives.


The current version is 1.87 (Alpha 0). You can download it here. But be sure this version won't work, as it is intended for preview only.

The 1.x KWoodhammer

This is the version 1.00. It is defunctional in all parts of decryption, but provides a useful encoding for small texts and features already plenty of options and configurations.


The old KWoodhammer docs are currently updated to reflect the improvements of the new version.

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